2023 Consensus Mock Draft

Last Updated: almost 2 years ago

Top Players Missing

These players appear in the top 32 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but are not a consensus pick to any team.

The consensus mock draft is a compilation of all the mocks in our database. We then scoured through all of the mocks and selected the most commonly found player. The percentage listed along with the player selection represents the amount of mock drafts that have predicted the player going to the team at that pick. Check back in daily as this consensus mock draft is frequently updated to give you the most up to date consensus mock around!

NOTE: This mock selects the most common unique player for each team's pick. Therefore a player who is expected to end up going in the 1st round, may not show up in this mock because they are not the most common selection. It also means that the player selected in the consensus may not be the most commonly mocked player to that team if a team before them also has that same player as their most commonly mocked player. 1st come, 1st served.

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Last Updated: almost 2 years ago